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Heavy Weights

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Choose the one that suits you best

  • Temporary Members

    $15.00 USD / Member for 7 days
    Valid for 7 days
    • Limited access to photos & videos of fitness workouts
  • Regular Members

    Every month
    $36.66 USD / Member for a month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to Regular fitness workout photos and videos
  • Special Members

    Every 6 months
    $166.66 USD / Member for 6 months
    Valid for 12 months
    • Access to Special fit. workout photos, videos & Shared files
  • Premium Members

    Every year
    $300.00 USD / Member for a year
    Valid for 2 years
    • Access to Prem. fit. photos, videos, other content & events.

We will not be held responsible for injuries and deteriorating health condition resulting from false information provide.


We have four different kinds of membership for our customers.

Those that only need to shortly visit and take a quick look for a week at what our packages are will pay a one time fee which will allow them to access our pictures and videos of cardiovascular, powerlifting or weightlifting workouts and other dancing exercises for 7 days are temporary members.

Those that feel that they just want to exercise on a regular basis and take a quick look at our video workouts and just execute our prescriptions in their free time will pay a monthly fee to become our regular members.

Those that feel that they wish to go further than regular members and are willing to commit themselves for six months or more are special members.

Those however that need something special and need to have that belonging feeling to our dedicated family of followers and longtime fans will be offered premium membership by selecting the annual deducted payment fee will have full access to our undisclosed pictures and videos and will have access to special events reserved only for premium members.

Members that have not paid by the deadline date will be downgraded to the next level for a month and after two months of non payment no longer having access to our resources are considered former members until their payment has resumed and fully redeemed.

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Payment Method

Since in Haiti credit cards cannot be used online we require payments to be made through one of the methods described below.  They are secured and reliable online money transfer apps that can be downloaded on a computer or mobile device. Here are the ones that we accept and strongly recommend:

-  WISE  -------------------> or on Google Play / App Store

- REMITLY ---------------> or on Google Play / App Store

- OFX ----------------------> or on Google Play / App Store

- MONEYGRAM --------> or on Google Play / App Store

- WESTERN UNION --> or on Google Play / App Store

- MON CASH ----> or on Google Play / App Store


Besides the inconvenience of not being available in all countries, the five above means of payment will be accepted and they can all link indirectly both your bank account and that of Tayoofit_509 Fitness for easy payment with a 24 hours maximum waiting for payment confirmation. For faster payment confirmation, please send by email to your transfer confirmation reference number for membership validation.

Please find hereafter for payment purposes Tayoofit_509 Fitness' bank instructions to input in the money transfer app:


Intermediary Bank : -------> Bank of New York Mellon

                                                       One Wall Street, New-York, NY 10286

ABA #: ------------------------> 021000018

Swift #: ------------------------> IRVTUS3N

Beneficiary Bank : ---------> Banque de l'Union Haitienne

                                                       Acc #: 890-0510-005

                                                       Swift #: BUHEHTPP

For Further Credit to : -----> Christla Taina Aristhene

                                                       Acc # 1500 0037017

Once your payment completed and the confirmation reference number has been sent to you will receive a confirmation reply within 24 hours to confirm your membership and your access code to the selected services.

Mon Cash users will use the scanned code displayed below to pay in local currency.

Thank you!

Christla Taina ARISTHENE


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