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Fitness Trainer

Tayoofit_509 since a child loved dancing and sports activities but in 2018 realized she had special talents and a potential to do extraordinary hard workouts and multiple powerlifting exercises and decided to go to the gym and start doing what she continues to do best : Fitness trainer and coach.

A Bit About Me

I am Christla Taina Aristhène. Born in Petite Riviere de l'Artibonite in Haiti on October 27, 1992 in a very humble family. Back in 2016 a dear friend realized that I had some hidden talents when watching some videos of me dancing and doing exercises in my backyard. He encouraged me to go to the gym and perform workouts. Other attendees were surprised at my endurance and abilities to lift heavy weights that others could not. They asked me to coach them and since 2018 that's what I'm doing and I train every day and coach in many gyms. With my dear friend always guiding me to keep on and never quitting, I continued to coach and train with many people. Now I'm ready to do professionally on my website what I love to do: help people who need to lose body fat and adopt a healthy nutrition, develop their bodies to attract their partners, and develop dancing skills.

Members and Sponsors


I welcome all visitors to my website and count on those that will become temporary, regular or premium members to support my work and count on my services to help them achieve their goals.


The sponsors that will be financially supporting my activities and events will be delighted to see their advertisements posted on my website for all my fans and followers to view and adopt as well.

Let's Get

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